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Outreach – ΟΡΟΣ ΟΞΑ / Mount Oxa


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Papers in conferences / workshops


Cantoro G., Michalopoulou S., Tsigonaki Ch., «Reading the Mountains: Aerial approach between Archaeology, History and Ethnography», AARG (Aerial Archaeology Research Group) 2017, Annual Conference, Pula, Croatia, 13 – 15 September 2017

Tsigonaki Ch., «Times of crisis: fortified topoi on Cretan mountains (7th-8th c.)», Workshop Views over the Cretan Mountains, Rethymno 3-4 October 2017. Hosted by the Institute for Mediterranean Studies / Foundation of Research & Technology – Hellas within the framework of the project “HIGH-ABOVE-THE-MOUNTAINS. Fossil Built Landscapes on Mountainous Uplands from the Sky” funded by Research Center for the Humanities.


Moschovi G., Tsigonaki Ch., Chronaki D., Cantoro G., Katifori M., Alygizaki A., Beteinis N., «Όρος Οξά, μια άγνωστη οχυρωμένη θέση στην Ανατολική Κρήτη», 38o Συμπόσιο της ΧριστιανικήςΑρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας, Athens 11 – 13 May 2018

Coutsinas N., «Hellenistic Olous: Connectivity and Defence», International Conference Monetary and Social aspects of Hellenistic Crete, 13 -14 June 2018, Italian School of Archaeology at Athens

Beteinis N., «Oros Oxa survey: the byzantine amphorae», 12th Congress on Medieval and Modern Period Mediterranean Ceramics (AIEMC 3), Athens 2018